Annual General Meeting Cancellation Notice – Please read and note


Brampton Angling Association’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was due to be held on the last Friday in January 2021 but had to be postponed because of the restrictions for the COVID pandemic.

The Annual reports and invitation to the January 2021 AGM were duly issued with Members renewal documents in January 2021 but with no date for the AGM able to be set at the time.

It was the intention of the Committee to hold the AGM during 2021 when restrictions permitted such a meeting.

As this year has progressed the potential date for when such a meeting can be assured and the time necessary to arrange it and inform Members has caused the AGM to be delayed significantly. The Association will have to hold another AGM in January 2022 in any case (assuming restrictions do not prevent that). In view of the delay and the likely short period between those two AGM’s, the Committee has determined that 2021 AGM be cancelled and incorporated into the 2022 AGM.

In the circumstances the Officers and Committee of the Association that were appointed at the 2020 AGM have continued in their roles for 2021.

There were no Proposals made for any changes to the Rules of the Association to be considered by the 2021 AGM. Members are reminded that any Proposals for changes to Rules that require the approval of an AGM are due to be made by 31st October each year. If any Member wishes to make any such Proposal(s) for consideration at the January 2022 AGM they are invited to submit such Proposal(s) to the Secretary by 31st October 2021 accordingly.

The Committee recognises that the cancellation of the 2021 AGM is not strictly in accordance with the Rules of the Association but must comply with the COVID restrictions legislation which overrides the Association’s Constitution.

Annual reports for 2021 and an invitation to the January 2022 AGM will be prepared and issued to Members along with membership renewal documents in January 2022 as usual.

Recognising that the AGM provides an opportunity for Members to serve as Officers and Committee members, Members who may wish to be involved in the management of the Association during 2021 are invited to contact the Secretary or any Committee member and put themselves forward accordingly. The Association allows for the Committee to appoint co-opted members and the Committee would very much welcome any such interest and support.

Competition winners due to receive their trophies will still be awarded their trophies when that can be arranged – probably at the 2022 AGM. Trophies will be awarded for the 2021 season as usual so please submit details of your better catches during the year to enter the competition. We have had reports of some good fish caught so far in 2021.

If any Members have queries about these arrangements for the AGMs or wish to make any associated representation please contact the Secretary or any Committee member to do so, we welcome any such views and interest.

Association Rules

  • Members or visitors must produce their tickets when requested by approved scrutineers of the association and are asked to assist in the suppression of illegal fishing.
  • Members or visitors must be in possession of a current Environment Agency rod licence.
  • No member or visitor shall take or kill salmon parr or smolts.
  • No member or visitor shall take trout from the River Irthing less than 250mm (10 inches) nor shall they take or kill grayling of less than 225 mm (9 inches). No fish less than 225mm (9 inches) shall be taken from the Gelt below Hynam Bridge and no fish less than 200mm (8 inches) shall be taken from above Hynam Bridge. All measurements to be from the tip of the snout to the fork or cleft of the tail.
  • No more than two trout shall be taken in any one day up to and including the 30th April; no more than four trout shall be taken in any one day for the remainder of the season. Catch and release, together with the use of barbless hooks, is encouraged both to conserve and to increase stocks of fish.
  • No member or visitor shall sell or offer for sale any fish caught on Brampton Angling Association waters. Any member found to have done so will be immediately expelled without recompense or refund.
  • Worm fishing is allowed from the 15th March. The fishing method known as spinning shall be permitted only on or after the 1st August of the current season and must be with barbless or de-barbed hooks. The trout season is from 15th March to 30th September inclusive.
  • Any angler wishing to fish during the trout close season must be a member of the association, and fish by fly or by trotting, using a barbless or de-barbed hook of maximum size 12 with no ground baiting or swim feeding baiting permitted. The season ticket validates membership and is effective until the 14th March the following year. For non season ticket holders, grayling permits are available, running from the 1st October until the 14th March next.
  • Members or visitors shall fish with only one rod at any one time and shall attend to it at all times when fishing.
  • Junior members, under twelve years of age, should be accompanied by an adult who shall be responsible for their proper conduct and safety.
  • Members are required to complete a return of catches made during the season and to forward a copy to the Secretary no later than the 31st day of October in each year.
  • Exchange tickets are available to Full season members for Carlisle, Penrith, Kirkby Stephen, Keswick, Appleby and Spadeadam waters. Contact the treasurer David Farish on 016977 3411 for details. Any member not returning exchange permits within 24 hours of the date of issue shall forfeit the right to further exchange permits for the remainder of the season. One member only to fish with each exchgange ticket, no rod sharing is permitted.
  • Please follow the country code. In the interests of agriculture and the environment it is important that the following rules are strictly observed
    • Do not light fires on the banks or cause damage.
    • Do not leave gates open or damage hedges and crops.
    • Do not take dogs to the waterside or interfere with wildlife.
    • Do not leave broken bottles or other litter in the vicinity - take it home for disposal.
    • Do not leave nylon on riverbanks; it is harmful to both birds and animals.
    • No lead weights or shot to be used on Brampton Angling Association waters.
  • Any proposal, duly seconded, to change rules or constitution, shall be given to the Secretary by 30th November. Any amendments to such proposals, duly proposed and seconded must be delivered to the Secretary in writing by the Wednesday prior to the AGM.

The executive committee reserves the right to withdraw permission from members to fish association waters if the above rules are not rigidly observed.

River banks marked red identify stretches controlled by the Association. When parking do not obstruct field or other entrances.

Maps are not definitive, check Association notice boards. If in doubt, Ask!

Access below Lanercost Bridge is allowed on both sides of the river for B.A.A. Members. Please keep as close to the river bank as possible.

The Environment Agency's Emergency Number is 0800 80 70 60. Please use it to report any pollution, poaching or any damage to the water environment. All incidents should also be reported to the Secretary. The Annual General Meeting of the Association will be held on the last Friday in January commencing at 7:30pm at Conservative Club, Front Street, Brampton, Cumbria.